Tresco Engineering has specially developed Navigis Survey for the ‘dredging and water works’ sector. Navigis Survey is more than just a GPS chart system. The dredger version, in addition to a complete navigation system, also includes the following extra features.

Several tracks can be navigated, stored and retrieved. The Tracks can display the works carried out to scale (and in colour). With an electronic depth gauge connected, the track colour can vary according to the depth.

Besides the familiar length and depth readings, the dredger version can also use other systems of coordinates:

  • Lambert (BE)
  • Rijksdriehoek XY (NL)
  • Gauss-Krüger (DE)

Navigis Survey comprises several settings to determine the correct position:

  • Magnetic compass
  • gyro compass
  • GPS compass or second GPS aerial.

Survey gridlines:
Navigis Survey can generate a parallel line grid at the touch of a button. 

Extra chart info:
Dredging areas and channels can be drawn as extra information on top of the existing chart. With the help of the DXF import function, you can store your own annotations into the system.
‘Customized’ extensions:
Upon request from the client, specific professional requirements can be incorporated into the survey version.