Navigis is currently available in five different versions, customized to the specific needs of the user. Over 3000 licences were sold since 1994.

Inland ECDIS navigation

All the versions of Navigis are the standard in every sector of Inland ECDIS navigation software. The system is used for Rhine and Inland Shipping, Passenger vessels, Police, Customs, Coast Guard, KNRM, harbor services, RWS, Provinces, Fisheries, sand dredging, dredge, educational institutes and on board of crane vessels, rescue planes, towboats and sea vessels.

Navigis River

Navigis River became true out the years the standard in inland ECDIS navigation.  Everything needed for safe navigation is integrated in this version of Navigis.

Navigis Survey / Dredging

Tresco Engineering has specially developed Navigis Survey for the ‘dredging and water works’ sector. Navigis Survey is more than just a GPS chart system. The dredger version, in addition to a complete navigation system, also includes extra features

Navigis Fishing

Besides a full navigation system, includes the Fishing version of Navigis extra features specially developed for the fishing sector. True out the years we developed this system in close  co-operation with the fishing industry. 

Navigis deepsea ECDIS navigation

The Navigis ECDIS system is a complete system for navigation onboard of Solas Ships. It complies with all international regulations for ECDIS and has been wheel mark approved by the German Federal Maritime & Hydrographic Agency (BSH).


Navigis Coaster

Navigis Coaster is specially developed for maritime and coastal navigation and is aimed exclusively at the professional market. Navigis Coaster is based on the Tresco ECDIS software certified by BSH. This version can be used with non-type approved hardware.

The system can be installed on new built vessels, or existing vessels can be retrofitted with the ECDIS system. Navigis ECDIS & Coaster are able to use IC-ENC, Primar, UKHO's ARCS raster charts as well as other S-57 vector cartography as C-Map.