This is the adequate digital chart system for fisheries, both for fishing in the North Sea, the Wadden and the Zeeuwse waters.

Your computer is connected to a positioning system with permanent display of your position on the screen. Either a normal DGPS or a Black Box DGPS (DCI) can be connected. Everything you need for navigation is displayed on the screen, including traditional chart data, VHF and radar information.

The track function allows you to register sailed routes and retrieve them at a later time. You can use your own symbols on the chart, register events, add notes and draw anything you want on the chart. If required, you can print everything with a color printer.

By placing distance rings around the vessel on the computer screen in combination with the radar, you can immediately distinguish vessels from beacons and artificial echoes.

All fishing parcels in Zeeland and the Waddenzee are displayed on the chart. This possibility is unique and is only used in the Fisheries software.


  • Shows the required chart on any scale 
  • Positioning on the chart 
  • Shows all fishing parcels on the chart 
  • Vessel always sails on the chart 
  • Showing several charts on the screen (e.g. detail and overview) 
  • Plan mode, Monitor mode en Look Ahead in conformity with ECDIS 
  • Choice of detail on the chart such as depth lines, VHF, radar etc.. 
  • Setting day / night / twilight, etc... in conformity with ECDIS 
  • Automatic logbook 
  • Automatic display of mariphone channels 
  • Activate and deactivate Track function with shortcut key 
  • Registration of events with shortcut key 
  • Man-over-board function 
  • Route planning by means of waypoints 
  • Measures distances and reads soundings 
  • Making notes and drawings on the chart 
  • Putting symbols on the chart 
  • Automatic processing of corrections 
  • Shows distance and time rings around the vessel 
  • Printing charts in color of the sailed route, etc 
  • Software and manual available in Dutch, French, English and German. 

Fisheries Plus

  • Reads RD, UTM and Gaus-Krüger coordinates 
  • Compass, Gyro and 2nd DGPS connection 
  • Option: ARPA radar connection