Inland ECDIS Charts

From Antwerp to the deepest navigation point in The Netherlands, from the French canals until the Donau. No more secrets on the rivers thanks to our reliable Inland ECDIS S-57 Charts. Userfriendly, intelligent and with a clear overview. When zooming in the image gets sharper and more accurate. An indispensable choice for the inlandshipping on the European rivers and canals. 

Inland ECDIS cartografie in S-57 format(Europe)

As well the raster as vectormaps arfe build according the worldwide mapstandards S-57 and S-52. This applies as well for the inland as the deapseenavigationmaps. Tresco has the production of these maps in own control and appeals on data from authorised  agents. 


A team of Tresco programmers and cartographers updates the navigationmaps and software continuous. Changes in buoyage, new bridges or dams, the moving of  channels, different maritime radio-telephone channels: they are adepted immediately. With a supportcontract you will receive 3 times year update cd's and you get free support through telephone, fax or e-mail.