Radar Overlay

The TRESCO Navigis Radar Overlay represents the future in navigation software. The Radar Overlay combines ECDIS cartography with your radar image, and it has been developed on the basis of the famous TRESCO quality guarantee.

Tresco Radar Overlay

The integration of radar image and electronic charting system brings all the benefits together into one system. Other shipping vessels become visible on the chart, false echoes are distinguished from real ones in the blink of an eye, and all nautical information remains visible on the chart.

The Radar Overlay is at present available on Alphatron’s JMA 609, which has already proven its accuracy and reliability on numerous shipping vessels. Connection to other radar systems will be possible in the future. The Radar Overlay can be installed both on new as well as existing vessels.

The TRESCO Radar Overlay complies with the CCR specification and will be approved by the Professional Authority for Traffic Technology [Fachstelle Für Verkehrstechniken] in Koblenz.