Whether you use your own charts or the official charts of recognised partners, you can always count on the most detailed and latest information


Nautical charts

For the nautical charts, we use the following leading partners: Primar, IC-ENC, and ARCS.


Inland ECDIS Charts

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Charts list

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Inland ECDIS Charts

inland vessel drives a canal river along

From Antwerp to the deepest navigation points in the Netherlands, from the French canals to the Danube, the inland rivers will hold no secrets for you when you use our reliable Inland ECDIS Charts.
Zooming in makes the image sharper and more detailed. Inland ECDIS Charts are the preferred choice for inland navigation on European rivers and canals.


Inland ECDIS Cartography (Europe)

Both the raster and vector charts have been compiled in accordance with the global chart standards S-57 and S-52. This applies to both inland and nautical navigation charts. Tresco produces these charts in-house, using data from competent authorities.



Tresco’s team of programmers and cartographers always keeps the navigation charts and software up to date. Any changes in buoyage, new bridges or weirs, relocation of navigation channels, or changes in VHF channels are updated immediately. A maintenance subscription includes three update CDs per year and free telephone, fax, or e-mail support.

Save the file on a USB stick and run the program on your PC with Tresco Navigis.

Nautical charts


Primar Stavanger is responsible for Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.


IC-ENC is responsible for the S-57 nautical chart data of Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK.


Official digital nautical charts from the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO).
ARCS charts are exact digital copies of the well-known paper ADMIRALTY charts. These charts are scanned in two different resolutions and then put on a CD-ROM.

Leading partners

We rely on the aforementioned leading partners for the nautical charts. Tresco’s Coaster and ECDIS packages are recognised navigation systems on which these charts can be displayed.

Every pixel has a geographical reference to be able to precisely plot the vessel’s position. For many areas where ENC charts are not yet available, the ARCS charts are an excellent alternative.

Other advantages

  • The charts are issued by an official service
  • The charts included in a Navigator Licence are updated weekly
  • More than 2700 charts are available worldwide
  • Additional charts can be sent to the vessel by e-mail
  • A reliable copy of the paper chart