What if shipping companies could use a smartphone or PC to locate and track their vessels?


What if skippers could easily enter and report relevant data during transport, such as waiting times, loading and unloading times?


What if the barges in port could be registered automatically?

Tresco Fleet is a smart ‘tracking & tracing’ solution for inland navigation, delivering:

  • straightforward planning
  • optimised routes
  • more efficient fleet management

Log in and get started!

Getting started with Tresco Fleet is a piece of cake.

You only need an internet connection.

You can access your personal Tresco Fleet login page with a computer, tablet, or smartphone using a personal login and password.

Log in to Tresco Fleet
Inland Transportation Barge Unloading at a Chemical Plant

All data available at all times

Tresco Fleet transmits your vessel’s position via satellite using a built-in black box. This black box records all the vessel’s data such as starts, stops, intermediate positions, speed, kilometres, and even your cargo’s temperature if required.


These data can then be transmitted via the GPS/GPRS antenna to the Tresco Fleet server, where you can retrieve all the data when required (from once a day to almost real time). You can even find out how to reach your vessel by road. What more could you wish for?


Detailed reports for greater insight

Besides real-time positioning data and ‘live’ monitoring of onboard operations (for example, for a dredger), you will also receive detailed reports. These data help you to carry out thorough analyses, possibly leading to new insights and improvements for your business.


Tresco Fleet App

Monitor your fleet from anywhere and at any time with the Tresco Fleet App. Has the vessel reached her final destination? When will it be possible to board? The Tresco Fleet App lets you monitor your fleet in real time and ‘in the field.’

Need the address for the berth? No problem: switch seamlessly from the nautical chart to the road map and travel directly to the vessel without detours or traffic jams.

How does Tresco Fleet work?

Black Box


A built-in onboard black box records all the vessel’s data such as starts, stops, intermediate positions, speed, kilometres, etc. These data are then transmitted via the GPS/GPRS antenna to the Telefleet server. They can be accessed anytime and anywhere with a login and password.

Navigis River


You can track your vessel with Navigis River and an onboard internet connection. More information about Navigis River is available here.