RIS (River Information Service)

At this moment there are a few functions of the RIS technologie incorporated in NaviChart, like the automaticly requesting and processing of the Shipmessages and  water levels.

To process all the water levels and ship messages Tresco has developed there own TRESCO-RIS server. This server downloads daily 3 times all the data and will process them directly. Through an internetconnection and NaviChart you can ask for this data on your ship.

Ship messages:

    • All obstructions, possible delays and other events who have an influence on ships will be announced in these messages 
    • The messages will be processed automaticly in the maps and can be requested in detail.
    • Requesting an overview from all the messages for the manual planning of a trip with which they can consider any possible obstructions.
    • The option NaviChart Route will also process these messages and consider them in his automatic trip planning.  

Water levels:

    • Request the current water levels.
    • Display of a graphic and the progress of the water levels during a period on a specific location.