The standard for inland Navigation

Navigis River has been the standard for inland navigation since many years. The standard on board of thousand existing and new build vessels. Reason? User friendly and easy to use navigation technology.

The position of the vessel will be displayed on the chart by GPS. By this process, the vessel will be allocated a fixed position and the chart will move along under the vessel, identical to a radar image. Everything that you might need for the purpose of navigation will be displayed on the chart. With a simple click of the mouse, you can call up extra information, which means that the chart will always provide a good overview. The extra information, such as course, speed, VHF channels, etc., will be displayed in a separate window.

Briefly speaking, with Navigis on board the inland navigation entrepreneur is prepared for the future!

The Word in Real3d

A chart image with the horizon, targets who slide gently by, objects as in real, this is the Tresco 3D view. Tresco Engineering is the pionneer in 3D navigation software. The 3D view can be subscribed as unique. The object close to the ship will be displayed bigger as objects further. You will not see objects as in real but you can see also further in the chart with the same monitor hide. The functions "zoom in / out, will be no longer necessary with the Tresco 3D view.






RIS: Realtime waterlevels & messages

Various applications which will become standard in the future for inland navigation have already been implemented in Navigis. River Information Services’, better known as RIS, is hot in the digital maritime world. It enables you (via an internet connection) to collect the water levels via the TRESCO RIS server and to process them into the chart. Furthermore, shipping messages and weather information are displayed on the chart.


AIS: recognize other vessels in the neighberhood

With the AIS option and a transponder you can see other vessels on the chart (course, speed and European no.), to request simple shipping reports and to send messages.

Radar Overlay

The integration of radar image and electronic charting system brings all the benefits together into one system. Other shipping vessels become visible on the chart, false echoes are distinguished from real ones in the blink of an eye, and all nautical information remains visible on the chart.


Tresco options

Tresco has many options to upgrade your Tresco Navigis River system. These upgrade options can be deliverd by CD, mail or by telephone with an activation code.

    • AIS option
    • 2nd GPS / gyro option
    • Route planner option


    • North-up or Course-up chart orientation  
    • True motion
    • 3D view
    • Automatic logbook, simulation logbook
    • Tracking feature and event registration
    • Making annotations and notes on the chart
    • Automatic display of VHF channels
    • Day / twilight / night colours with extra slider bar for luminance adjustment
    • Automatic retrieval of symbols, boards, data of locks and bridges
    • RIS technologyExtensive Search feature
      • Display of up-to-date depths based on water depth and water level readings via the TRESCO RIS server.
      • Receiving shipping messages.