Tresco Fleet

Ship owners who locate and follow their ships via PC. Captains who report all kinds of data. Alarm massaging when power failure or energy blackouts. These are just some examples of all the benefits with tracking and tracing.

This is Tresco Fleet, the smart solution for tracking and tracing by Tresco. The benefits: easier and accurate planning, higher efficiency of your fleet and improved ship routes.

Internet en Login

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. With your computer, PDA or laptop and a personal login / password you reach the web application of Tresco Fleet. With a GPS antenna on board, Tresco Fleet gives the position of your ship(s) by using a built in blackbox. This blackbox records all the details of the ship: starts, stops, intermediate positions, speed, mileage, and the temperature of your load as you wish.


Next to realtime tracking and tracing, Tresco fleet will offer you also personal detailed reports.

Sending and recieving messages

With Tresco Fleet it is easy to sent and recieve messages. The ship arrives on it's destination, it crosses an area, there are some problems with electricity or pressure. All these situations will be reported by a message on your mobile phone or by mail.

How to use Tresco Fleet

  1. Tresco Fleet with blackbox: A build-in blackbox on board registrates all data from the ship: start, stops, temporary positions, speed, kilometres / miles... The added GPS/GPRS antenna sends this data to the Trescofleet server. With a login and a password you can easily consult them from everywhere with a pc.
  2. Tresco Fleet with Navigis River: thanks to Navigis River and an internet connection on board you can track & trace your ship.
  3. Tresco Fleet through an AIS-transponder. Tresco offers an AIS-coverage in the ARA-area (Antwerp - Rotterdam -Amsterdam). In this area you can track and trace withyour AIS-transponder.

Demo Tresco Fleet?

Click on the link on the right to follow live some ships and discover all the advantages of Tresco Fleet.

These ships are used as a demo, with the approval of the owner. Offcourse does a personal Login and Password belong to a privat account. Therefore only the user who knows this information can login on his personal page and will the privacy be respected.

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